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BE PREPARED- writers block

Huh. Joe and I just talked about this.

Yeah, what I always made clear was that I was headed straight to the boondocks of Lubec, Maine, the easternmost place in the USA if something terrorist-lke happens. On 9/11, I told all my family and friends to go to my stepfather's "lodging" in Lubec, where he has three buildings that are all available for rent that we've all stayed in a million times. It's in the middle of nowhere, no virus or earthquake or terrorist will find us there. You're all welcome to come with, if you can stand the long drive.


Sorry for not posting much lately, but, really...nothing exciting is going on! 

Saw THE HAPPENING and want to write a rude letter to M NIGHT SHAMALAMADINGDONG and ask him if he was on 'ludes when he wrote that, because that's the worst piece of feces ever to float by our eyes. Joe and I were APPALLED. And we both usually like M NIGHT SHAMALAMA'S ventures....

Also saw FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL and LOVED it. Three gratutitous pecker shots and Russell Brand as himself (basically)? YES, PLEASE!

And I completely forgot about this, but if you get a chance, rent the movie THE GRAND with Woody Harrelson, David Cross and Werner Herzog. THAT movie is hilarious....truly pee in your pants funny at certain times.

Aside from that, Joe and my mom and I went to a MUSICAL last week at the very famous *GOODSPEED OPERA HOUSE, which is literally two minutes down the road from our house in East Haddam on the Connecticut River. I had given my mom two tickets to any show she wanted to see and she bought a third ticket so Joe could go with us, since neither of us had ever been there before. We saw BIG RIVER, which is about Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn and Jim's adventure. I picked that specific play to go to, since the two past musicals there were 1776 and some frilly, silly thing called HIGH BUTTON SHOES or something. I figured we could all stand a musical about Huck Finn. It was good, but Joe and I were NOT into it at all. As a matter of fact, I fell asleep at one point. I mean, this is a big, famous opera house where big, famous actors come and perform and ...well...let's just say this: musicals are not our bag at all.

And.....we went apple picking with both of our moms and my gay of honor and Joe's nephew on Saturday, which was a lot of fun. We now have to make apple dishes for the next ninety days and are completely overdosed already on apples and are suffering from the collywobbles due to our increased fiber intake. Yikes.

That's about it.......

Holy moly.

Ah, yes, honeymoon planning. I LOVE looking online at different places and trying to figure out what'll give you the most bang for your buck. While looking at different types of accomodations in the Caribbean, I decided to scope out St. Barts. If it's good enough for Natalie Portman, it's good enough for us, right?


I'm not TOTALLY naive, ok? I KNEW it was expensive as shit, but, really....

$1400 Euro for ONE night in a one bedroom hotel room???!??!!? EURO!!!!!!!

Lord almighty! Cross that bitch off the list.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Has anyone ever been to St. Vincent and/or the Grenadines? We are looking at it- Palm Island specifically- for our honeymoon destination......


Alright, already with the wedding shit, I know. 

We put a deposit down and are going full steam ahead in CT with our wedding, since we're having no "bites" on the house and Hartford is closer than Newport to get married in. 



Going to "do" the flowers today with my mom at 11am, have the meeting with the photographer scheduled for Friday night, ordered my dress (!!!) yesterday. Will post pictures as soon as I get my paws on it. 

I'm so excited!


If you could pick any TV show that has been off the air to come back for one more season, which show would you pick and why?
 "90210"- current day- no joke!
I would love to see what the writers would do with all of the characters. ALL of the characters. YES, I WANT BRENDA, DAMMIT.
Did Kelly marry Dylan?
Where is Brenda?
Did DOnna and David have 400 catholic-jewish hybrid babies?
I am such a dork. I need help.

We picked a place!!!!!

 We be having the wedding here:  


P.S. We moved the date WAYYYYYYYY up to January 17th, 2009.  Not by accident, that is one year to the day of when Joe and I got together.  It just so happenned that the 17th was one of the only Saturdays that was available still at our place....we thought it was destiny, and although we were looking at March for dates, we thought this was too good of an opportunity to pass up. So one year to the day it is! I'm fucking PSYCHED. I'll be posting pix soon of all the doo-dads and accoutrements........

I am proud to NOT be a know-it-all. There's NOTHING more annoying than a know-it-all: especially a know-it-all who's WRONG a lot of the time! Having a know-it-all persona/attitude is the most irritating trait a person could possess, besides poor personal hygeine. It's not a DANGEROUS quality to possess, unless you go so far in "knowing-it-all"  that someone else KILLS you for being an asshole!

I KNOW that I know nothing at all in the grand scheme of things;  I just keep learning and try not to be obnoxious in the meantime.  I'd rather just keep my mouth shut. It's classier.

Yeah, that was cathartic. Thanks, guys!


 So, even though it's 8:23 am, I really wanted fakey "nachos" so I made a little batch. I used Vermont Extra Sharp Cheddar and some art-faggy white corn tortilla chips...no biggie, right? But I HAVE to have CHOLULA hot sauce and sour cream with my Mexican food always...however, we have no sour cream. So I used a FAGE Greek strained yogurt instead and mixed a heap of hot sauce in with it and HEAVEN ARRIVED INTO MY FACE.


Writer's Block: Immigration

If you had to immigrate from your current home, where in the world would you choose to go?
Either Sardegna or Corsica...depending on which place was cheaper!


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